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By now I hope that I've inspired you to start planning what you will tackle this weekend on Tackle it Now Sunday.

Many clients wonder about the best way to maximize space. The short answer is to utilize vertical space. The most frequently overlooked spaces are above the top shelf in closets. Adding an extra shelf is a fast and easy solution.

Do you wonder about boxes versus bins or building shelves? Beware of overloading plastic bins or they may become too heavy to lift. Never stack them higher than your reach or they'll be too hard to manage from atop a ladder. Instead, store heavy items in smaller boxes on sturdy wooden or metal shelves. That way you can access an individual box instead of moving every box in the stack. Also, avoid stacking under-filled cardboard boxes as they may buckle. Finally, before you purchase shelving check the manufacturer's rating of the maximum load per shelf. Stay organized and stay safe.   

Tackle it Now Day

Tackle it Now Day


Do you feel overwhelmed by obligations and priorities that never seem to end?

Are you bogged down by clutter and piles of paper?

Don't worry, everyone occasionally needs a push in the right direction.

Semi-annually, on the Sunday designated for the change to Daylight Savings Time, Havoc to Harmony will provide simple shortcuts to inspire you to tackle whatever action items that you've been procrastinating about.

Listen to the message that was featured on Wave 94.7 FM.


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Tackle it Now Tip

Hints for Handling Your Gift List

How do you handle your holiday wish lists? Sometimes the simplest hints are the best. For years I have been using the same easy to implement method.

  • I purchase the tiniest address book I can find and assign one page for each person on my guest list.
  • I record their sizes, colour and style preferences.
  • I include family members, friends, hairdresser and all service providers.
  • I keep the list inside my wallet so it can quickly and easily be updated.
  • Information for stocking gifts is also recorded.
  • I can frequently review what I have purchased to keep my budget on track.
  • As I wrap gifts I check them off!
  • If certain gifts need to be hidden I record where they were put.
  • I also list ideas and purchases of hostess gifts to keep on hand.

There are many benefits to this system. It is lightweight and portable, but most importantly since I keep the lists year after year, it helps me to prevent repeating gift ideas. Who wants to get a sweater or tie year after year?


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